Framing Tips from Providence Gallery Manager, Rod Wimer

I recently asked renowned artist and Providence Gallery manager, Rod Wimer, to share his framing advice for artists based on his years of experience and customers’ most frequent requests:

Q. What is the number 1 rule you would advise artists to follow when framing their artwork?

A. The best framing advice I can give to any artist having a show is that, if their work is going to be framed, I highly recommend that all frames used should be the same throughout the show. In other words, the same molding should be used on each piece of art being showcased. One of the highest compliments we receive here at the gallery is for artists who choose to frame their work with the same frame throughout the show. Not only should the artwork be consistent, but using the same frame on each piece lends to a very cohesive and beautiful show! Customers love it!

Q. How many years of experience do you have in framing and installation? (I know combined you and Debbie have something like 70-75 years.)

A. I have been a professional picture framer and artist since 1980. I have worked in six different frame shops throughout the years.

Q. In your experience, what types of frames are clients most often drawn to?

A. In my experience here in Charlotte, gold seems to be the most popular frame choice for the majority of our custom framing clients. After that, warm silver – sometimes referred to as champagne, and then black seem to be the second and third most popular frame finishes. When custom framing a piece of artwork, consideration should always be given to what type of frame looks best on the art. 

Q. Conversely, what types of framing turns clients off and gets the most negative feedback?

A. Frame choices that do not accentuate the art properly are always a big turn off for custom framing clients! A lot of our custom framing work comes from clients who have old pieces of artwork inherited from various family members. The framing is often out of date or was originally a poor choice when the piece was framed in the past. Updating your custom framing can often make your art look completely different and brand new! Many clients are often amazed at how a simple update can change the look of everything!

Q. Any other recommendations?

A. Proper custom framing is very important, especially for paper bourn pieces of art. Paper art should always be framed with acid-free mats and UV protective glass. Art on paper tends to fade very easily if not glazed properly! Likewise the backing should be acid free from core. This protects the art and keeps it from developing small brown spots called ‘foxing’. Foxing is caused when backing and matting is not acid-free. Acid will leach into the artwork over time and cause foxing, which basically ruins the artwork and can only be cleaned by a professional paper conservationist.

The staff here at Providence Gallery and Frames has the requisite experience to help any client with any custom framing needs. We also pick up and deliver and hang art professionally for our customers.

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