New Exhibit: Beacons by Annie Leist

Painter Annie Leist gathers her inspiration from the spaces and people that surround her in New York City, where she lives and creates her abstract compositions. Although legally blind, Leist draws inspiration from “the crosswalks, sidewalks, intersections, scaffolding—all [of the] manifestations of the physical, social, and psychological architectures of urban space” that surround her.

The artist explains that her fascination with these figures and spaces derives from the fact that it is these two elements: people and the places they inhabit—that “form a framework around, within, and through which city life and city people flow.” Through her modern abstract compositions, Leist explores “the unwritten rules of public space that maintain, sometimes miraculously, the precarious order of the metropolis and its inhabitants.”

Exhibit on Display Thru November 20th

Revolving Door II 20 x 24 $950Revolving Door II, 20″ x 24″ oil on canvas, $950.00

Beacons Red Hand #13 37 X 48 $2650

Beacons Red Hand #XIII, 37″ x 48″ oil on canvas, $2,650

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